Top 10 Allen Iverson Commercials Of All Time

Not that we’d need an excuse to reminisce about one of our favorite players, but today’s a special day. So in honor of Allen Iverson turning 36 today, we put together a compilation of Allen’s greatest commercials from throughout his career. Check ’em out:

Surrounding Draft Day, there are always many concerns about each player whether it be their size, speed, attitude, etc. In Allen’s first-ever commercial, Reebok makes it known to the world that he is “The Answer” to all their questions.

Simply put, this was Allen’s introduction to the league.

Any questions?

In this spot from 1998, Allen “invents a new move.” I know everyone, including myself, tried to do this move for weeks after seeing this commercial.

The A4’s were one of the best Iverson sneakers ever. This spot was one of the most unique and memorable basketball commercials of all time. For those that didn’t know, the beat is from Allen’s own “40 Bars.”

“Check ’em out it’s the new A5’s you gotta rock ’em/They even put a zone in the league to try and stop ’em.” I completely forgot ‘Kiss was rocking a Santana Moss Jets jersey in this one.

Allen and Jada team up again for the A6’s, which are my personal favorite Iverson sneakers. This time around, Iverson adds a couple bars of his own.

This spot just proves why Allen was one of the toughest players of all time. No matter how hurt he was, he never complained and was always out on the court.

Pharrell was appointed by TNT to “capture the essence of NBA All-Star players, and express it through music.” Check out the beat he creates for A.I., and his explanation behind it.

Poetry in motion.

What’s your favorite Iverson commercial of all time?

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