Vote For Me! Top 5 NBA All-Star Campaign Videos

Having witnessed the hard work and ingenuity of NBA All-Star campaign videos for Rudy Gay and, well, the entire Knicks starting rotation this year, I am impressed at the lengths players and teams will go just to get their names out there. As an NBA fan, I truly applaud their efforts. Seeing players become starters relying solely on their “old hero” images – A.I. comes to mind – or nationality just doesn’t sit well with me. It isn’t fair to those players who are worthy, but get overlooked because of the market they play in or the name on the back of their jersey. With that said, here is an ode to the more memorable NBA All-Star campaigns videos that have helped players either make the squad, or at least show off their not-so-serious side.

1. Chris Bosh (2007-08)

In probably my favorite All-Star campaign video of all-time, Chris Bosh sports his finest bolo tie and uses his best Southern accent to bargain for your vote in a used care salesman pitch. Best sequence has to be when Bosh exclaims, “Ain’t that right Bubba,” and gets a boisterous “That’s right!” from his brother – who gets my vote for best Texan in a supporting role.

Result: Bosh fails to get voted in as a starter for the 2008 game, but gets the nod because of a Kevin Garnett injury. I consider that a moral victory.

2. Amar’e Stoudemire (2009-10 season)

How could you go wrong with four episode series featuring Amar’e and Chris Farley‘s sidekick? The answer is you can’t. In one of the more expensive video productions on this list, episode two of the 2009-10 Vote4Amare shorts has to be the most entertaining, just because Amar’e puts on a pair of Lady Gaga goggles – and pulls it off.

Result: A 2010 starting center spot, with David Spade nowhere to be seen.

3. Joe Alexander (2008-09 season)

As one of the underdogs to get voted into the 2009 All-Star Dunk Contest, going up against the likes of Russell Westbrook and Rudy Fernandez, Joe Alexander pulled out all the stops with this hilarious video playing the roles of player and reporter in a mock press conference.

Result: Rudy won the vote, but Joe avoided being just a side note in what turned out to be a one-man circus act featuring a levitating Dwight Howard.

4. Amar’e Stoudemire (2008-09 season)

In the first installment of a long line of 2008-09 Vote4Amare webisodes, Amar’e Stoudemire, or shall I say Sun-Tzu, sits poolside with his friend Jay “Superfan” Johnson finding himself in need of some morale boosting. He does a great job at poking fun at himself and manages to get Shaq involved, albeit as a pic on a popsicle stick.

Result: Gets the starting nod for the 2009 Western Conference team, with a lifelike version of Shaq sitting beside him… for moral support.

5. Deron Williams (2009-10 season)

Playing off the whole spoof press conference commercial by Coors Light a few years back, Deron Williams takes on the role of a more polite Dennis Green as he answers Christmas-related questions and gets over the top reactions from the fans/reporters. The Oscar has to go to the big dude in the green sweater-vest who throws a whiney tantrum over D-Will not making an All-Star team yet.

Result: For Christmas, he got a bench spot on the 2010 Western Conference team, but no Kenny Smith action figure.

Honorable Mention: Brandon Roy (2009-10 season)

In a behind the scenes video editing room with Brandon Roy and Travis Outlaw, Travis steals the show with his high energy and goofy antics to try and promote Roy for the 2010 All-Star Game with outlandishly themed highlights.

Result: Not voted in as a starter, but sat on the All-Star bench injured, sulking over the choice of the dog used in the video.

Honorable Mention: Steve Nash (2009-10 season)

Setting the benchmark for creativity in his viral videos, Steve Nash does a modest but entertaining job at trying to convince you to vote for him based on his blunders.

Result: A 2010 All-Star nod, with an assist-to-turnover ratio better than his campaign video’s “highlight” reel.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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