Torrey Craig And Andre Drummond Will Go In The Shaqtin’ Hall Of Fame After Colliding On An Off-Glass Alley-Oop

It’s been a long season for the Chicago Bulls. The team entered this year hoping that it could earn an automatic berth in the postseason, but because of injuries and general underperformance, they are guaranteed to be in the Play-In Tournament this year, and the only drama around that at this point is whether they’ll host the Atlanta Hawks as the 9-seed, or if they’ll have to go on the road as the 10-seed.

Basically, this has been a pretty brutal year for the Bulls, and if there’s one moment that really does sum up how things have gone, it might be this moment from Tuesday night’s game against the New York Knicks. Andre Drummond forced a stal that ended up in the hands of Torrey Craig, who took off in the other direction. Craig had a clear path to the rim and decided to show off a bit, as he tossed the ball of the backboard and wanted to throw down. The problem: Drummond thought this was for him, so instead, this happened.

This was almost an incredible moment in a good way, and instead, it ended up being an incredible moment in a bad way. I am also pretty sure I’ve never seen this before, so I guess congratulations to them.

Making matters worse, Drummond injured his ankle on the very next defensive possession and had to leave the game.