Your Heart Will Soar After Hearing What The Trail Blazers Did For This Cancer Patient

10.05.16 1 year ago

Instagram (@gb_pdx)

A Portland Trail Blazers fan diagnosed with cancer received a visit from two players — Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum — thanks to help from a friend and the organization itself.

Instead of re-wording the heart-warming story, here’s how it came together from a friend, via his Instagram page:

My homie V has been sick for a long time with cancer. It has been brutal. But through it all he has remained an amazing person, the same person I have admired and respected for 15 years. He and his family are so close to my heart I would do anything for them. I managed, with help from @trillblazin to reach out to the @trailblazers and tell them about V’s story. They responded in LESS THAN A WEEK and visited him today with @damianlillard and @3jmccollum his favorite players. My god I have never had more respect and pride in an organization than I have for the Blazers and these players.

Athletes visiting sick fans, be it at their home or at a hospital, is something we probably all take for granted. A player could very easily tell a PR person to make up an excuse to get them out of it and nobody would ever know. The fact that both McCollum and Lillard made the effort is something that should be appreciated and hopefully will serve as an example for other athletes who get requests like this.

(Via Instagram)

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