Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue Says He Was ‘Shocked And Hurt’ By LeBron Leaving For L.A.

07.06.18 12 months ago 4 Comments

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If we’re all being perfectly honest, LeBron James’ decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency this summer shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise. After a costly Game 1 meltdown in the Finals, the Cavs were categorically outmatched the rest of the way, a reality that didn’t bode well for LeBron’s future in Cleveland.

Beyond that, the Cavs weren’t in any kind of a position to compete for a championship next year, what with the rise of the Sixers and Celtics in the East and a motley roster that proved too inexperienced and unreliable to build any sort of future around, at least one involving LeBron.

Still, losing LeBron is a tough pill to swallow for the people of Cleveland, not to mention his teammates, coaching staff, and folks all across the organization. It was particularly hard for head coach Tyronn Lue, who went on NBA TV Friday night during Summer League in Las Vegas while his squad took on the Washington Wizards.

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