UCLA’s Bryce Alford Thought The Clippers’ Goaltend Last Night Looked Familiar

When DeAndre Jordan juuuuust barely touched Blake Griffin’s layup attempt in the closing seconds of the Clippers’ Game 5 loss to the Spurs, he got whistled for an offensive goaltending. We’ll never know if the ball was going to bounce back in anyway, but we do know that this isn’t the first time that a goaltending call has decided a crucial playoff game recently. UCLA’s Bryce Alford knows what we’re talking about.

SMU fans are not amused, Bryce. It wasn’t an offensive goaltending in your first round “upset” of the Mustangs, but it still hurts:

Alford didn’t really add anything to the discussion of the call, or the play, it just seemed like he wanted to remind everyone, “Hey, remember me?” That can happen when your 15 mins are up. It’s just as unsurprising that someone was going to take it poorly (NSFW language ahead):