Utah’s Enes Kanter Ends Horrifying Diet, Loses 51 Pounds in 2 Months

When you were once the No. 3 pick in the NBA Draft, but today your nickname is “Big Turkey” and you played less than 15 minutes a night last season, it’s time to make a change. As we mentioned in Smack this morning, Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter made a change in a big way by working off half-of-a-small-person’s-worth of weight in just two months. [Related: Top 5 Make-or-Break Summers for the NBA’s Class of 2011]

So how did he do it? Hard work, exercise, and cutting out a horrifying diet.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

As for the weight loss, Kanter said he switched to a diet based primarily on seafood and salads. It raised a natural question with an unnatural answer: What was the 6-foot-11 20-year-old eating before?

He broke it down thusly…

“First my breakfast: I was eating like six eggs, omelet with six eggs; seven or eight pancakes, with sugar, whipped cream, everything; then a breakfast burrito. That was just my breakfast. Then I came to practice and my lunch was just like pasta, chicken alfredo or whatever, and then a burger and an appetizer. Dessert? No. Dessert was at dinnertime. Dinnertime I ate another burger, a big meal again and a dessert.”

After running through this, Kanter said he invented his own diet and, joking, guaranteed anyone who followed it would have abs like his. He was prepared to show them off before Jazz public relations staff intervened.

Watch Enes talk about it yesterday at Jazz Media Day here.

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