This 16-Year-Old Is Only 5’6, But Possesses An Absurd Dunk Skill

Whenever a person happens to be shorter than 6-feet tall can dunk, it always seems to be way more impressive than anything that a taller person can do (the obvious exception to this is when Timberwolves guard Zach Lavine throws down, because everything he does seems like it should be impossible).

This magical feat was on display in this 34-second YouTube video which shows aptly named 16-year-old Anthony Height throw down some vicious jams. Height is, apparently, 5’6, which makes him three inches shorter than Nate Robinson and one inch shorter than perhaps the best “short” dunker of all time, Spud Webb.

Some of these are pretty normal – I say this as someone who has never even got rim – but when Height does a monster dunk, it’s incredibly impressive, like when he grabs a lob and throws down a windmill at the start of the video.

There’s no telling if he’s a potential D-I college basketball player, mostly because he doesn’t have a page on any of the standard recruiting sites. However, with the NCAA suddenly allowing dunks during pregame warmups, it would be awesome if he could land somewhere and put on a show before games.