Video: Cleveland’s Top 10 Plays Of 2011-12

When I was coming up with a list earlier this week about the coaches most likely to face off, Cleveland coach Byron Scott kept coming to mind. Not because he fit the mold I was looking for — actually, because he’s the opposite. I’m sure he’s not as stoic behind closed doors about the Cavs’ 29-game back finish of their division leader (that tied for second-worst in the league), but he’s about as demonstrative on the sideline as an Easter Island statue. Regardless of strategy, he has maybe the perfect attitude for leading a team still fighting its way up from the bottom.

The word “promise” is bandied about all offseason around teams as young as Cleveland, with Alonzo Gee, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, but if there wasn’t consistently good play last season, there were several highlights. The NBA compiled the Cavaliers’ top 10 plays from 2011-12, and it’s something even Scott can be happy about. For my money, the compilation at No. 5 alone should be reason to believe in Cleveland.

What should have been higher on the list?

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