Video: Kid Asked Dwyane Wade Why He Flops

It was bound to happen. A little kid finally asked Dwyane Wade about his propensity to flop, and you can imagine how uncomfortable the repeated question was for the three-time champ.

During an appearance at the Brandon Marshall Sports Academy, Wade admitted, “One kid asked me why did I flop?”

“I was about to get him kicked out of the camp,” he continued. “I thought about it, but I know his parents were up there probably. Yeah. He said it like three times. I thought he was joking. I was like, ‘Are you serous?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, why did you flop?’ His dad put him up to that…probably a Spurs fan.”

Wade did have a pretty epic flop on Manu during the 2014 NBA Finals:

Not to mention this one against the Pacers:

Paul George did the same thing to D-Wade earlier this year, and it’s a league-wide issue rather than a problem exclusive to Dwayne Wade.

(video via Fox Sports)

Why does Dwyane Wade flop?

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