Video: Nate Robinson Cramps Up On Team Train Ride

12.08.13 5 years ago

Traveling by train to Washington DC following their 103-92 win in Philadelphia on Saturday night, the Denver Nuggets did their best to help scoring guard, Nate Robinson. That’s because Nate ran into a little cramping trouble, and injured teammate JaVale McGee was on hand to document the event for his Instagram.

Nate scored 20 points off the bench in 26 minutes during Denver’s win in Philadelphia, but it doesn’t look like he stayed properly hydrated during the win. McGee is right when he alludes to the lack of water in Nate’s diet by ending his caption of the IG video: “IF HE WAS BOUT THAT #JUGLIFE HE WOULD BE STRAIGHT.”

Teammate Ty Lawson got in on Nate’s ordeal, too.

#JugLife, if you don’t know, is McGee’s possible apparal and jug company coming sometime in the future.

While JaVale is a strange dude, he at least understands that hydration is the best way to avoid a leg cramp like Nate’s.

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