Video: OKC’s Epic Pregame & Gum Rituals

The Thunder’s youngness is often brought up in everything written and said about them. Even Ernie Johnson brought up Kevin Durant‘s age before handing the Western Conference Championship trophy to him. Considering their youth it’s not surprising that the team has bonded so well and have their team-wide rituals.

From a Daily Thunder post back in March, here’s the team’s pregame handshake routine:

If that was not elaborate enough, the Thunder also have a specific protocol when it comes to handing out gum:


The Thunder showed in Game 1 that their depth and their trust in each other was a deciding factor against the Heat. With no sign of these dedicated team rituals changing, the Thunder seem to be working together to achieve their ultimate goal – NBA champions.

What’s the best pregame ritual you’ve ever seen in the NBA?

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