Video: Stephen Curry Jams Against Trailing Lowry Then Berserkly Pounds Chest

01.03.15 5 years ago 4 Comments

The top team in the Eastern Conference, the Raptors, took on the top team in the Western Conference, the Warriors, and the outcome mirrored the divide between the Conferences. Golden State streaked for a 126-105 win in Oakland Friday night, and Stephen Curry streaked for a rare dunk — beyond a hot-in-pursuit Kyle Lowry — before going berserker mode pounding his chest.

The Warriors held a 91-73 edge after opening the third quarter with another big run. That’s when Klay Thompson stripped Louis Williams, and Andre Iguodala picked the ball up. While this was happening, Steph just took off the other way and when Iggy had the ball he rifled it to Curry going the other way.

Rather than try his normal layup, Stephn had to flush it with authority to avoid the trailing Lowry. The excitement of the arena, the fact he just dunked the ball and avoided Toronto’s best player — who had a great game in his own right — was enough to get Steph riled up into a frenzy.

The aftermath of his dunk is our favorite part.

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