Video: Watch “Lipek” Shut Down The 3×3 World Tour Oi Galera Dunk Contest

The spotlight at the Oi Galera Dunk Contest during the recent 2014 FIBA 3×3 World Tour Stop in beautiful Rio de Janeiro was centered on one of the most prolific international dunkers today, Rafal “Lipek” Lipinski. Lipek has been causing chaos (in a great way) and slamming his way to multiple contest wins on the blacktop all summer long. He is already a two-time FIBA 3×3 World Tour Dunk Champion, and in Rio, he added another victory to his resume thanks to his astounding athletic abilities.

Facing Rodolfo Di Biase and Jordan Burger in the Rio dunk contest, the Polish high-flyer blew away his competition with his signature between-the-legs jams. Next, he threw down a nasty 540 flush, which was capped off with a set of push-ups. If that wasn’t enough to get the judges’ nods of approval, Lipek closed the contest with a monster double-up over a 2.05-meter — roughly 6-7 — man.

(video via 3x3Planet)

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