42-Year-Old Vince Carter Caught Fire In The Second Quarter Against The Knicks

Vince Carter is making history this season just by virtue of being on an NBA court. And on the cusp of his record-breaking 22nd year in the league, he’s proving early on that he’s still something left in the tank.

Carter has had plenty of opportunities to chase a title here in the twilight of his career, but he’s said repeatedly that he’d rather play on a team where he can still contribute.

Now in his second season with the Atlanta Hawks, he’s doing precisely that. On Wednesday night against the Knicks in preseason action, Carter proved that he’s still feeling pretty spry as he poured it on in the second quarter to the tune of 14 points, while letting it fly from deep late in the second quarter — including a pretty incredible heat check.

Unfortunately, Carter would sit for most of the second half. After all, he is 42, and he needs to preserve some of that energy and intensity for the regular season as the Hawks look to be a sleeper playoff team in the East. Still, we can’t wait to watch Vince to go off on nights like these against guys literally half his age.