Check Out The Special Championship Jerseys The Warriors Will Wear On Opening Night

Steve Kerr, a five-time champion with the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs, knows better than pretty much anyone how difficult it is for teams to play well on the night they receive rings and raise a banner. How are the Golden State Warriors expected to focus on beginning their title defense with a win over the New Orleans Pelicans when they’re still celebrating the recent past?

The Coach of the Year runner-up isn’t quite sure, and doesn’t seem too concerned with knowing, either.

“That night is generally a hard game. But, honestly, who cares?” Kerr said on ESPN’s TrueHoop TV in September. “No, really. It’s one of 82 [games]. To me, it’s such a special night for the fans, for the players, that of course it’s distracting. But it’s a distraction that every team wants to have.”

What’s something else every teams longs for? The special-edition championship jerseys above, of course, and Golden State is no different. Look closely at the border around the lettering – that’s gold, a subtle detail that has become the staple of every defending champion’s opening night uniform, and fits especially well with the Warriors’ existing color scheme.

You can buy these limited edition jerseys HERE.

(Via TrueHooop TV)