The Warriors And Hornets Got In A Scuffle With 12 Seconds Left In The Game

Apparently, it’s a good night for teams getting into altercations with one another in the NBA. Not long after four players were ejected due to a donnybrook during the Miami Heat’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans, players on the Golden State Warriors and the Charlotte Hornets got into a fracas that led to a pair of ejections. The twist: This one happened at the very end of the game, when things were totally decided and the coaches were shaking hands.

Warriors youngster Lester Quinones went up for a layup with his team up, 95-84, and the shot clock still turned on. This didn’t sit well with Miles Bridges, who got a goaltend and then jawed with Quinones a bit. And then, we get the magical moment where the camera cuts to Steve Kerr and Steve Clifford shaking hands all chummy, only for them to look at the fight breaking out, Clifford clearly saying “WHAT THE F*CK,” and both of them running over to break things up.

I want to make sure one player in particular gets their flowers here, and that is Trayce Jackson-Davis, who saw that Draymond Green kept screaming obscenities at the Hornets player who really caused things to pop off (Grant Williams) and ran over and restrained him while laughing extremely hard. Anyway, Quinones and Williams got ejected as the Warriors won, 97-84.