Tracy Morgan Explains Why Donald Sterling Is A Racist

The Donald Sterling mess will continue into the summer and perhaps beyond. We’re all pretty sick of it, considering all the amazing basketball that’s taking place since he overshadowed some epic first-round battles. Sterling overload shouldn’t dissuade you from this unique take on the Clippers owner by Tracy Morgan during a recent comedy tribute to Don Rickles.

We all miss him on 30 Rock, but Morgan is still around, making people laugh their butts off from the stage rather than the screen. As part of Morgan’s set for One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles, set to air on SPIKE next Wednesday, he incorporates Sterling’s bigoted comments into the joke, but then flips it by explaining why he understands the shameful owner’s racism:

(thanks to the good people at Uproxx for bringing this to our attention)

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