The Likely Length And Amount Of Wesley Matthews’ Deal With The Mavs

After declining Sacramento’s sweetheart offer yesterday (it was actually bigger than initially though), free agent two-guard Wesley Matthews has appeared to settle on a deal with the Dallas Mavericks, as reports David Aldridge.

The length of the deal is four years, but the amount he’ll get each season will be affected by the impending decisions of DeAndre Jordan and LaMarcus Aldridge — the two biggest free agent dominoes left. Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas postulates around $13 million a year for Wes, which is less than what the Kings were offering, but still a solid amount for a player coming off an Achilles’ tendon tear in the second half of the 2014-15 NBA season.

The Kings actually upped their three-year offer we reported about last night. Originally we said three years and 45 million, but they tacked on a fourth year and augmented the amount to $64 million, or $16 million per year.

Matthews was said to be asking for $15 million a year, so the Kings’ deal satiated that desire. Unfortunately, they’re the least likely landing spot for free agents this summer, as Monta Ellis proved when he likewise turn down more money in Sacramento to sign in Indiana on Thursday.

But the Mavs were leery of Wesley’s initial $15 million per asking price, and the $13 million sum MacMahon mentioned is a solid compromise between both parties, if that’s what it ends up being. Here’s Stein on the initial disconnect:

However, sources say that the Mavs are extremely reluctant to meet Matthews’ price considering the frightening history of players who came back from torn Achilles tendons. The Mavs would want to sign Matthews to a deal with salaries in the $10-12 million range, according to sources.

The Mavs only have Chandler Parsons ($15.3 million), a discounted Dirk Nowitzki ($8.3 million) and Devin Harris ($4.3 million) really on their books for next season, so it’s possible they can land two max contracts, or a max for DJ, or LaMarcus, and the slightly less-than-max for Wes.

It seems Dallas and Matthews have found a way to meet in the middle, but this is the second sign the Kings are an NBA albatross, at least according to Matthews and Monta Ellis.

(David Aldridge, Marc Stein, Tim MacMahon)