Watch Alonzo Mourning Confirm The Urban Legend Known As ‘Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?’

Kids, gather ’round, let me tell you about the urban legend known as “Who wants to sex Mutumbo?” As the story goes, in the early ’90s, Georgetown legend Dikembe Mutombo walked into a bar, threw his arms up in the air and yelled, “Who wants to sex Mutombo?” Different versions of this story have floated around for years. It’s gone from house party to bar to clubs to strip clubs. Everyone claims to know someone who was there when it happened (I got an email in 2008 from a Georgetown grad who was adamant about it). Yada, yada, yada. There was a website devoted to it in the infancy of the internet. It was great. But above all it was an urban legend. It was something no one could ever confirm. Dikembe himself denied it on ESPN’s Highly Questionable just last year.

Today however, “journalism history” was made when Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard got Mutombo’s Georgetown teammate Alonzo Mourning to admit it live on air.

“Yep, there’s some truth to that. That was his pickup line. And it worked. It worked.”

This is a great, great day.