Why DeShawn Stevenson Had Abe Lincoln Tattooed On His Neck

It’s interesting what a championship can do to someone. For years, people thought of DeShawn Stevenson as a goon, as an awful player and as someone who couldn’t even win a shooting contest against a one-armed man.

Now all of a sudden, Stevenson is catching love. Maybe people still think he’s a little wild, but now with a ring on his finger, that wildness is adorable.

And finally, there’s an answer to something we’ve all been searching for: just how did he end up with Abe Lincoln on his neck? Check out this excerpt from a radio interview Stevenson did with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews & Deadspin):

What’s up with the 5-dollar bill tattoo on his neck?:
“I was going to get Martin Luther King and I told Gilbert Arenas. You should never tell nobody your idea. That summer, he came back and got it. So I didn’t know who to get. I got Abraham Lincoln because he freed the slaves. I just had Abraham Lincoln and, from a distance, everybody kept saying, ‘Who is that?’ So I put the five-dollar bill so everybody would stop asking me.”

Wow, so Gilbert not only had to embarrass DeShawn once before with this ridiculous video. Then he had to go and steal his tattoo idea? Not cool, Hibachi.

Is this one of the craziest tattoos you’ve ever seen?

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