Zach LaVine’s Unreal Athleticism Was On Display As He Cleaned Up This Missed Free Throw

Watching Zach LaVine jump is so much fun. Whether he’s in a game or wowing everyone with a Herculean performance during a dunk contest, no one in the league is better at doing the spectacular when they lift off from this planet than LaVine.

This athleticism was on display during Minnesota’s preseason game against Miami on Saturday. Gorgui Dieng was at the free throw line and wasn’t able to score one point. LaVine, sensing that Heat guard Rodney McGruder wasn’t paying attention, broke for the hoop the second the ball left Dieng’s hand.

McGruder wasn’t able to catch up, and LaVine got into the paint without any problem. He jumped from the top of the restricted area and just hung in the air for a while while he grabbed the ball with his right hand and scooped it in for a layup. The most impressive part may be that LaVine managed to do this over Hassan Whiteside, who had no idea that the Timberwolves’ guard was coming and had to stand there while LaVine was essentially on his back.

People are super high on the ‘Wolves heading into this year, as they have a number of young dudes who have the potential to be stars. LaVine, ironically, kind of flies under the radar on Minnesota’s roster, but when he reminds you why he’s in the NBA, it’s because he does something as impressive as this.