Zach LaVine Hosted His Own Personal Dunkathon At The Seattle Pro-Am This Weekend

Since Jamal Crawford took over a few years ago, the Seattle Pro-Am has established itself as one of the country’s premier summer leagues. It may not have the same name recognition as, say, the Drew League in Los Angeles, but it’s every bit as exciting, especially for a city starved of hoops since the Sonics left town for Oklahoma City. And Crawford’s Pro-Am all-stars actually beat the Drew League all-stars in a showdown last summer, to boot.

Seattle, in general, boasts a ton of pro basketball players. One of those happens to be Zach LaVine, the reigning two-time dunk champ who made his debut at the Pro-Am prior to his rookie season and is quickly becoming a staple of the event. Fans got to see his high-flying antics in person over the weekend as he put on a veritable dunk fest, including an insane 360 Eastbay jam…in-game.

But Crawford himself was not to be outdone, especially at his own event, where even at 36, he keeps reminding us that he still has more handles and more offensive skills than 90 percent of the planet. Just last week, he casually dropped 44 points and hit a game-winning shot.

The Seattle Pro-Am continues each weekend throughout August at the Royal Brougham Pavilion at Seattle Pacific University.