High Schooler Zion Williamson Is At It Again With An Unreal 360 Windmill Dunk

Zion Williamson‘s dunks just don’t look real.

We’ve covered the high school hoops star’s assault on the rim twice this season, and both times we’ve marveled at how stunning the 6’7 Spartanburg Day (S.C.) power forward looks when he’s throwing down dunks. This tomahawk dunk earlier this month was particularly impressive, but on Monday night he put a little variety in his dunks with a massive 360 dunk in traffic in a game against Shannon Forest.

Williamson takes a fast break right to the hoop and makes no mistakes, planting his right foot into the court and spinning like a top to finish the 360 dunk with flair. What’s so impressive here is how normal this looks in live action. A Shannon Forest defender is helplessly watching inches away from Williamson, who lands the dunk like he’s been routinely doing that all his life.

And here’s the full highlight reel from the high school junior’s game, in which he scored 31 points and had a whopping eight dunks.

That 360 dunk looks even more impressive at this angle (29 seconds). Check out that launch point and how far he traveled in the air.

Dunks like this seem more impressive than Lamelo Ball‘s attempts to score 92 points with the help of some very … generous teammates. These dunks are happening at game speed and the results look stunning. Williamson and Spartansburg won going away, 94-32, but it’s still another impressive performance from the No. 3 high school hoops prospect in the country.

No matter what the level of competition, Zion Williamson looks ready to shine.