‘God Of War’ Will Break Exclusivity And Release On PC In 2022

God of War was a gigantic success when it was released on the PlayStation 4 back in 2018. This was not only because it was the latest entry in the series, but because it told a story that was far deeper than any God of War game before it. Of course, longtime fans of the franchise have always been able to play the game exclusively on PlayStation consoles. With the games developed by Sony-owned Santa Monica Studio, it makes sense why that is the case.

In a stunning turn of events on Tuesday, PlayStation announced that God of War will break exclusivity. Despite being developed by a first-party Sony studio, God of War will be ported to PC in January 2022. So anyone who wanted to play the game but did not own a PlayStation can now do so by purchasing the game through Steam or the Epic Games Store.

This is gigantic news for a few reasons, namely that PlayStation is willingly porting one of its biggest franchises. While this isn’t the same as putting the game on an Xbox, PlayStation has always been very finicky about porting its games. They’re one of the few companies that still believe in exclusives, and seeing them port God of War may indicate that the time of exclusives is coming to an end, or at least that they’re going to be more willing to head down this path in the future.