Rockstar Games Confirmed The New ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Leak Is The Result Of A Hack

Over the weekend, Rockstar Games had a nightmare of a leak when the next Grand Theft Auto game had video of gameplay and cutscenes posted to multiple message boards. It quickly became clear that the leak was legitimate, not only because of the details in the leak but because of Rockstar Games’ quick response to remove the videos wherever they could find them.

As rumors persisted of everything that was leaked out, including the supposed source code of GTA V, Rockstar Games felt compelled to explain exactly happened and how they are going to respond to the leak. They posted a statement early Monday morning explaining that they had a “network intrusion” that resulted in “confidential information” being stolen. Among that was the early footage of the new Grand Theft Auto game. Rockstar did not clarify what else could have been stolen in the hack.

Video games leak out information sometimes, but one of this magnitude being the result of a hack feels really sour. Hopefully, the only thing lost in the hack was information related to the games, and no personal information related to employees was lost.

As for what’s next? Rockstar states that none of this should impact the development of the new GTA game, or the continued support of current games, so we can assume that internally it’s business as usual for now.