Radiohead Is Partnering With Epic Games To Create An Exhibition For ‘Kid A Mnesia’

In addition to the just-announced B-sides album and vinyl set, Radiohead is partnering with the developers of Fortnite, Epic Games, to create the Kid A Mnesia Exhibition. The reveal for this event was showcased during September’s PlayStation Showcase. Alongside the reveal was an interesting teaser trailer.

The trailer isn’t particularly long, but it features a slow walkup through a bloody hallway before panning up to reveal a tower bathed in red light. This appears to be a reference to the album cover of Kid A Mnesia. After the reveal, it cuts to drawings on the wall throughout a dark room before the words “Kid A Mnesia” appear on the screen. The official press release had more details about what the exhibition is going to be and how fans of Radiohead will be able to access it.

KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION is an upside-down digital/analog universe created from Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood’s original artwork and audio design by Nigel Godrich. It commemorates the coming of age of Radiohead’s records, Kid A and Amnesiac.

Published by Epic Games and developed by Name The Machine and Arbitrarily Good Productions, KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION will be available to download this November, exclusively on PlayStation 5, and PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store

This is a really interesting way for fans of Radiohead to be able to embrace one of their favorite bands in a unique way. It makes sense that they would partner with Epic on this due to their history of working with famous musical artists through Fortnite. Epic has previously hosted virtual concerts for Travis Scott and Ariana Grande.

We’re starting to see more people in the music industry embrace the video game industry when it comes to releasing their music in new and interesting ways. It will be fun to see what kind of impact Kid A Mnesia is going to have and if it creates a trend moving forward.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Radiohead were releasing a video game, and has been edited for accuracy.