‘Rick And Morty’ Is Headed To ‘Fortnite’

Time to get some wubba lubba dub dubs in Fortnite season 7, when Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty enters the fray. Earlier today, the official Fortnite twitter account shared a tweet teasing the upcoming season of Fornite that featured a familiar face for Rick and Morty fans — the Butter Robot.

Created by the mad-scientist-turned-grandfather Rick Sanchez, the Butter Robot is an incredibly minor character — featured only in one episode of the four-season series — that made a huge impact with fans. According to the official Butter Robot website (yes, it has its own website), the “Butter Robot is a nearly-sentient machine, originally created for the sole purpose of passing butter. With life-like movements and trademark voice, Butter Robot’s complex “emotion engine” creates unique interactions and personality as it struggles to find a purpose.” While Rick might have intended for the lil’ guy to be a mere margarine machine, turns out its purpose might just be taking Tomato Town.

As of right now, there’s no additional information on just how deep this collaboration runs, though fans on Twitter are already speculating on what skins might be included in the crossover event. Luckily, we won’t be waiting long for a confirmation, as the story trailer for the second chapter of season 7 hits the official Fortnite YouTube channel on June 7 at 11 PM PT.