The Rock Showed Up Shirtless At Summer Game Fest And Brought Extremely Chaotic Energy

When Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson shows up, everyone pays attention. Not only because he has that kind of charisma, but because you know there is usually an announcement of some kind coming with him. Whether it’s a new movie, video game, or whatever product he happens to be working with at that time.

So when Johnson appeared at Summer Game Fest 2022 everyone immediately began to hang on his every word. Not only because he might be announcing a new video game, but also because he was shirtless inside his own personal gym recording from what was most likely his phone.

So what did Johnson have to say? Well, a lot of things! He told us about his energy drink brand, how he’s delivered a ton of pizzas, and then how excited he was to be starring in Black Adam. From that point on a trailer for Black Adam played and his promo cut was done.

The only way to really describe this moment is chaotic. Everything from Johnson recording this shirtless from the gym, to him using his three plus minutes to promote every product he could think of, and then ending it on not a video game trailer but for a movie is a rather wild use of time in a video game showcase.