Director promises Human Centipede 3 will be 10,000 percent more medically accurate

Tom Six has been a household name ever since he filmed people pooping in and out forever in a movie that no one really wanted to watch, but everyone wanted to make jokes about (and cat toys, and necklaces, and tattoos, and porno {NSFW}…). He made a sequel earlier this year, but now that that’s done… it’s time for a third installment, naturally. But how to top himself? Why, he’s going to make it grosser, of course.

Present at the Empire Presents Big Screen event in London Six confirmed that he is gearing up a third and final Human Centipede film which will ‘make the second film look like a Disney film.’
“We’re going to shoot the third film entirely in America and it’s going to be my favourite. It’s going to upset a lot of people.” [Twitch]

You may remember that the second film was banned by the BBFC for, among other things…

“…a scene early in the film in which [the protagonist]  masturbates whilst he watches a DVD of the original Human Centipede film, with sandpaper wrapped around his penis, and a sequence later in the film in which he becomes aroused at the sight of the members of the ‘centipede’ being forced to defecate into one another’s mouths, culminating in sight of the man wrapping barbed wire around his penis and raping the woman at the rear of the ‘centipede’.

I don’t know how he plans to top that, short of actually showing up at your house and taking a dump in your lap, but that does sound exciting. Nice to seem him constantly reinventing himself. No one can call you a one-sh*t pony, no sirree.