Every Face Punch From ‘Road House,’ Obviously

Today in Thank God For The Internet, some hero out there has created a video compiling every face punch from the 1989 bar bouncing classic Road House. It’s a video befitting the film’s unofficial motto, pain don’t hurt, and knuckle sandwiches are delicious. Road House is so perfect, it was even directed by a guy named “Rowdy.”

Patrick Swayze proved that you could be built like a ballerina and still be every jock’s favorite action star. RIP, you beautiful son of a bitch.

My favorite thing about this video is how clear it becomes that the sound guys only had the budget for one or two different punch sound effects. Have you ever noticed that every face punch in an eighties movie sounds like someone hitting a couch with a leather belt in an amphitheater? Did people not know what face punches sounded like back then? It’s the eighties action movie equivalent of the “every bullet ricochets” sound effects in westerns from the fifties. Anyway, if you need me I’ll be recording the sound of me punching myself in the face while I smoke cigarettes and drink black coffee in honor of Dalton.

[RedLetterMedia via DeathandTaxes]