Exclusive: Expendables 3 Sequel Ideas Revealed

They wouldn’t let Vince or myself see The Expendables 2: Fully Expendable’d because we’re not big-time L.A. or N.Y.C. critics. We’re little-time Seattle and San Francisco critics, so we can only imagine what the film is like, but we talked about it this morning and came to the realization that it’s likely just another Alice in Wonderland rip-off. There are no more original stories, there is ONLY Tim Burton, wearing a beret, directing the living piss out of another American classic. That guy is amazing.

Anyway, this morning our “source” came through again with exclusive notes on another ‘quel meeting – and once we ascertained he didn’t want any money we figured we’d dutifully pass them along.

Note: they are a little blurry because this guy is using a Russian (Lomo LC-A) camera. He’s gangster like that. I think you can click to enlarge if you’re an IT supervisor.