Fox Might Want to Rethink Their X-Men Tie-In With ‘eXtreme Creme’ Twinkies

With its director currently in hot water over his (ALLEGED) predilection for young, hairless boys (aka Twinks), you’d think Fox and Hostess might want to rethink their X-Men: Days of Future Past product tie-in with Hostess “eXtreme creme” Twinkies (those jokes are all yours, Hoss). Amazingly, this might not even be the most embarrassing product tie-in for this movie.

On the other hand… EXXXXXTREEEEEEEEEEEME CREEEEEEEMME!!! (*grinds 50-foot rail on skateboard while double-fisting Twinkies, squirts red and blue creme onto face with both hands while Slash shreds the national anthem*)

I don’t understand why they didn’t use Hugh Jackman and his huge veins in the ads. I mean, if anything makes me want to suck the cream out of a dick-shaped pastry, it’s that guy. Wait, that’s not what I meant to type! Damn this Freudian keyboard!

[Thanks to @MrJoshGreenberg for this find]