Nic Cage’s son’s plan to prove his sanity involves becoming a cage fighter

This may not be the most movie-related of stories, but whenever a famous actor’s son does karate kicks for the paparazzi, FilmDrunk will be there. (Plus, I really wanted to use the guy from the Spider-Man pictures in a photoshop). So Weston Cage (Weston Coppola Cage), from the metal band Eyes of Noctum, who’s been having some troubles recently, has been doing karate kicks for paparazzi lately. As a way to prove that he’s serious about fighting in the UFC, which seems like a fool-proof plan.

Cage told our photog he’s training to be a UFC fighter and his dream fight would be against the massive Kimbo Slice. Weston explains that part of the reason he wants to do this is because, “I just wanna prove to people I am not mentally ill … You can’t get accepted into UFC if you are mentally unstable.” [TMZ]

If Cage were to realize his dream of becoming a UFC fighter, I imagine the list of bullet points on his pre-fight, keys-to-victory graphic would be: “Great Kicks,” “Mentally Stable,” and “Ironclad Logic.”

Kimbo was dropped by the UFC more than a year ago, by the way, but as Steven Seagal proved, some of the best fighters around don’t keep track of space and time too well.

Eyeliner and cigarettes, that’s just how I was taught.

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