Frotcast 298: Guest PFT Commenter Explains The Secret To Crafting The Hottest Sports Takes

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From genius Twitter parody of your average moronic sports-blog commenter to political prankster and critically-acclaimed host of his own podcast (Pardon My Take), the controversial, divisive, mysterious internet figure PFT Commenter joins the Frotcast this week for his first live appearance. The leader of the “Internet Commenters For Trump” movement explains what goes into crafting the hottest sports takes, how he dealt with the cease and desist letters he received from ESPN and Mike Florio, and disputes SI writer Rick Reilly’s recent claim that Kate Upton having three boobs would be bad. Comedian Matt Lieb (Viceland’s Flophouse) also returns this week, along with me, Brendan, and Bret. Matt sings fully-improvised songs set to royalty-free music, we discuss the OJ 30 for 30 documentary, and answer your emails. We also talk about Ice T and Body Count’s new cover of “Institutionalized,” and offer an abbreviated “Crystal Corner.” Enjoy.

#Content, with Time Stamps

3:58 – We talk Naked Gun, our initially stated topic, for approximately three seconds before Matt sidetracks us with the OJ documentary.
12:00 – Facts vs. telling a story in the OJ trial, and did it foreshadow Trump.
13:45 – Would you vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger if he was running for president in this election?
18:00 – Royalty-free songs
25:50 – A romantic song for Matt “boy” S.
35:18 – PFT Commenter joins us for his first live appearance
41:29 – How does a true hot take craftsman like PFT respond to Rick Reilly’s hot take on the Warriors/the idea of Kate Upton having a third breast?
44:30 – PFT Commenter’s take on and encounters with Donald Trump
51:00 – How does Brexit affect Johnny Manziel?
54:30 – PFT explains how to cease and desist a cease and desister.
1:24:00 – PFT has some ideas about non-virgin female tennis players being prevented from wearing white at Wimbledon.
1:25:25 – A reminder that this month is white history month
1:34:00 – In praise of Ice T and Body Count’s cover of “Institutionalized”

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