The FilmDrunk Frotcast 2014: Only The Best Parts

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The Frotcast is off this week for Christmas, but FEAR NOT. Thanks to this year’s Most Valuable Listener, Token, we have an awesome “Best of 2014” Greatest Hits Frotcast to share with all of you. It’s like a normal podcast, but with even MORE inside jokes and LESS context. Exactly what you need.

Here’s the rundown of clips:

Intro Ep 222
0:01:08 Ep 219 Introduction of Gary from Freemont
0:06:38 Ep 223 Andrew Roberts solves/worsens America’s Racial issues
0:09:13 Ep 221 Alison gets a dating profile message
0:21:12 Ep 210 Bret’s Town house Ghost/Ufford makes a salad
0:30:24 Ep 224 Gone Girl/Ben’s Girlfriend/LAX bro Voicemail
0:42:37 Ep 209 China’s dick sucking robot
0:50:21 Ep 218 Joe Sinclitico pitches “The Forest”
0:54:56 Ep 222 Kentucky Kindergarten names
0:59:52 Ep 226 Purssey, Merney, Kerffee
1:01:54 Ep 226 The Linkin Park movie/Marlins Will Soar
1:08:44 Ep 221 Rating Alison’s Dick Picks
1:14:46 Ep 216 Vladimir Putin steals Bob Kraft’s Super Bowl ring
1:21:55 Ep 213 Matt Lieb Loves Red Dragon
1:25:31 Ep 230 Jane Starling vs Bret Lectre
1:39:58 Ep 227 Lieb’s interview with Joe Hanh
1:52:26 Ep 218 Joe Sinclitico responds to China’s dick sucking robot tech
2:00:24 Ep 224 Jumper outro
Bonus clip Ep 217 The Internet wasn’t worth it

Thanks to all of the guests, including:

Matt Ufford
Laremy Legel
Jane Harrison
Alison Stevenson
Andrew Roberts
Pat Schumacher
Justin Halpern
O.J. Patterson
Joe Sinclitico
William Head
Heather Dockray

Episode Clips used:
184,198(2),202,209 (2),210(5),211,213 (3),216,217,218 (4),219 (2),221 (2),222 (3),223,224 (6),226 (5),227,230(3)

Here at the Frotcast, one of Podbean’s Top 10 Most Downloaded comedy podcasts of 2014, we’re not getting better, we’re just getting older. Merry Christmas, everyone.

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