Wouldn’t ’21 Jump Street’ The Movie Be Way Better With The Old TV Intro?

At the end of the 2012 comedy blockbuster 21 Jump Street, which was released during what we refer to as the Year of C-Tates, a modern-but-sad remake of the TV show’s awesomely 80s theme song took us into the credits and sort of ruined the buzz of the film for people who pay attention to credits music. Fortunately, my favorite YouTuber on the planet, Robert Jones, who has previously brought us mash-up classics including “We Can Dance” and “I’m Through Talking…”, is back with a new video that combines the classic corniness of the 21 Jump Street TV series with the cutting edge, in-your-face corniness (and hilarity) of the 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street movies.

If there’s one thing that this video proves, it’s that 80s/early-90s TV shows had the best theme songs ever, and the reason that today’s shows fail so quickly is because they don’t have theme songs that make people want to get up and dance. That’s a scientifically-proven idea.