‘For Honor’ Leads The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

Every week, there are more games coming in for more platforms than ever before. So every week, we cut through the noise with a list of the five games you need to play this week. And this is the first truly busy week of the year, with brawling knights, Nazi-killing, and real time strategy.

Pick Of The Week

For Honor, Tuesday (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Ubisoft’s take on the multiplayer brawler has you leading charges into the breach, hunting down enemies atop parapets, and generally doing all the really fun stuff of medieval combat that you won’t experience unless you join the SCA or get really, really into getting your ass kicked with a broadsword. The beta was hugely popular, and for a reason; the game itself is a really well-done brawler that falls somewhere between the over-the-top crowd-smashing of Dynasty Warriors and the strategic combat of Dark Souls. We’ll have a review later this week, oh, and seriously: Look up! Otherwise you will get killed.

Sniper Elite 4, Tuesday (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

If cleaning out entire swaths of peasants with halberds isn’t your speed, may we recommend carefully, lovingly, and strategically murdering Nazis? The Sniper Elite franchise has seen substantial bumps in polish and challenge with each iteration and this one appears to be no exception. Scout the area, form a plan, and perfectly time your shots to terrify Nazis. You don’t even have to deal with people wringing their hands on Twitter about it!

De-Formers, Tuesday (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

From the developers of God of War and The Order: 1886 comes… a game about squishy toys beating the tar out of each other? De-Formers is undeniably a change of pace, but the game plays like a mix of Smash Bros. and Rocket League, and the wacky/adorable shenanigans as well as couch co-op make this the ideal game this week for party gamers and parents.

MX Nitro, Tuesday (PS4, Xbox One)

Motorcycle fans get not one but two bike games this week, with Ride 2 arriving the same day as this one on Xbox One and PS4, but this one narrowly takes the crown for its Trials-like feel. There’s nothing quite like doing ridiculous stunts across equally ridiculous landscapes, which we can always use more of.

Neo Turf Masters, Thursday (PS4)

One of the most beloved golf video games to ever exist, this has already enjoyed a quite good Android port. But if you’re adamant about playing it with a controller (and yes, some people are), the PS4 version arrives this week. Even if you’re not a golf fan, it’s an interesting retro game and it’s good that this little piece of gaming history is available to play.

Any games we missed? Let us know in the comments!