This ‘GTA V’ Mod That Lets You Play As Lemmy Kilmister Is Awesomeness Overkill

Sometimes you learn some interesting things while writing up random news posts. Like, did you know an officially licensed Motörhead computer game came out in the early 1990s? It was a brawler, in which you beat up backwards hat-wearing punks from Rap City as Lemmy. No, seriously. Check this insanity out.

Of course, most people don’t have the time or patience to track down obscure old Amiga games, and thankfully, you don’t have to. Now you can kick ass as recently deceased Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister in Grand Theft Auto V. The mod not only drops a pretty decent likeness of Lemmy into GTA V, but it comes with all sorts of helpful shortcuts. Just push a couple buttons to make Lemmy drink, smoke, or generate groupies out of thin air. Lemmy also appears to have an unlimited supply of flaming whiskey bottles he can use to kill you to death. It really seems like the makers of this mod have thought of everything. If you want to download the mod (and why the hell wouldn’t you) you can do so right here.

via Laughing Squid