Josh Brolin Isn’t Feeling Thanos’ Dance Moves In ‘Fortnite’

Avengers: Infinity War briefly took over the world and distracted millions, for about two-and-a-half-hours per person, from Fortnite the only other media property in existence besides the Marvel Cinematic Universe to enthrall just about everyone. This has led to the ultimate crossover event: Thanos invading Fortnite with the Infinity Gauntlet, with which he dominates the playing field and dances on their graves.

He really does dance, too. Thanos boogying down in Fortnite has become a weird meme in itself since it’s not every day you see someone who has (spoiler) slaughtered trillions with a snap of his fingers celebrate another kill by shaking his booty. But here we are, and Josh Brolin, who played Thanos in Infinity War, is just learning of Thanos’ dance moves in Fortnite. He’s not a fan.

The reason Brolin might not be the biggest champion of Thanos cutting up the rug is that he didn’t do the motion capture for the moves, but for the most part, he’s in the mind of Thanos. He understands Thanos’ motivations. Would Thanos really be dancing and emoting all over the place after killing? We already know the answer is “no” but we also can’t confirm he didn’t do a little shimmy after adding all the Infinity Stones to the Gauntlet. Maybe that’s a deleted scene?

(Via Mashable / IGN)