‘The Sims Mobile’ Is Coming For Your Free Time

It’s easy to forget that at the turn of the century, The Sims was probably the biggest video game in the world. The human aquarium/open world torture simulator has gotten progressively, and disturbingly, more realistic over the years, but it’s also mostly stayed on PCs. Until now, apparently.

Yes, the two things The Sims lacked to completely consume your life — namely the ability to put it in your pocket and push notifications — are finally being added with The Sims Mobile. This doesn’t appear to be a free-to-play money grab; rather, it looks to be a full-fledged game where you build your Sims, and then breed them like hamsters to create adorable children who will grow up and then be bred in kind, provided the game doesn’t allow you to seal up the pool and leave them to their watery fate. What would The Sims be, if you could not be a vicious, capricious god?

Leaving aside the somewhat creepy quasi-eugenics of the whole thing, this does look like exactly the game Sims fans have been spending years asking for. And really, it’s overdue that something like this has come along. The Sims Mobile will be here to consume your real life in favor of your fake one sometime this year.