Zack Snyder Reveals His Reasons For Breaking Batman’s Big Rule In ‘Batman V Superman’

Entertainment Editor
03.26.16 28 Comments

The debates over the quality and content of Batman v Superman have reached white-hot levels. Not only are people divided on the quality of the movie, they’re upset over Batman’s usage of guns and his relatively nonchalant attitude about killing the hordes of henchmen that stand in his way.

Yes, Batman has a reputation as a guy who doesn’t kill, but you have to think with how many people he’s chucked against walls and hit with his car, there’s bound to be some unintentional casualties. Sometimes things get messy when you’re a superhero fighting for your life, but there are only a few instances in which he clearly kills some freaky bad guys, and this is mostly in the Tim Burton movies. I recently re-watched those classics and was shocked to see how laissez faire Michael Keaton was about blowing up baddies.

And so, Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder feels like this is the status quo, and he’s working around what came before. He extrapolated on the Batman-related murder in Batman v Superman to HeyUGuys. (Transcription h/t IndieWire.)

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