‘Batman Vs Superman’ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Give A Good Look At The Batmobile

On Monday, Zack Snyder — director of the Man Of Steel sequel — tweeted a look at the Batmobile’s backside, with the rest hidden under a tarp (Batmobile, you tease). A day later he released the first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman standing next to the Batmobile, and again we only saw part of the vehicle. (We also noticed Batman looked like a sourpuss, so of course we sought out Sad Batman memes.)

Now we have two behind-the-scenes photos offering the best look yet at the overall design of the new Batmobile. Screenrant describes the photos:

Neither photo reveals a wide shot of the complete design so it’s difficult to determine the full size and scale. It does however, clearly embrace more of a low-rider, long-form design reminiscent of Tim Burton’s first Batmobile for Michael Keaton’s Batman, but at the time has a tech-forward, wide-set hardware-heavy element to it as well, similar to the Tumbler [from Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy].

Without further ado, here’s a prototype sculpt of the Batmobile which Blue Realm Studios published on their Facebook page:

Additionally, Instagram user sagesurge posted a Batmobile in the process of being built and joked, “Was Alfred unavailable to clean it?”

The first thing I noticed is that the cockpit seems to be set further back than most Batmobile designs. So it’s lower-hanging cockpit for an older Batman? That seems fitting. Yes, this entire post was a pretext for making a joke about Batman’s balls. You know how we do.