‘Deadpool’ Has A Lot Of Easter Eggs, So Here’s A Video Breakdown

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Deadpool is not the kind of movie that generally winks and nudges you with its nerdy jokes. Well, maybe that Stan Lee cameo. But they’re there, and there are a lot of them, and one vlogger broke out as many as he could find.

This isn’t the complete list; for example, in the opening credits sequence, if you pay attention, you’ll notice somebody in the SUV stole Rob Liefeld’s coffee from Starbucks, in addition to his cameo in the bar arm-wrestling a mercenary. But this is pretty comprehensive nonetheless, pointing out gags the movie hid on highway signs, characters we meet only in passing, and even some of the more layered jokes, like the Hello Kitty duffel bags turning out to be referenced in Deadpool’s Twitter feed.

That said, some of these are a bit of a stretch. While Deadpool’s ending rap from his video game is hilarious, it has little to do with Teamheadkick’s 2013 tribute to the game which wound up on the movie’s soundtrack with a few lyrical changes. But there’s enough hidden in nooks and crannies to make this a fun recap of the movie. It also leaves us wondering what’ll get a shout-out in X-Force. Maybe if they do wind up hiring Keira Knightley, they can fill the movie with Domino references?

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