‘Drive’ And ‘The Neon Demon’ Director Nicolas Winding Refn Wants To Make A Batgirl Movie

Nicolas Winding Refn doesn’t exactly make broad, crowd-pleasing movies. The detached, somber Drive is about as close as the director’s got. More recent efforts like Only God Forgives and The Neon Demon dive even deeper down his particular austere, brutal rabbit hole. So yeah, you probably wouldn’t expect to see Winding Refn’s name attached to a poppy summer superhero movie, but according to the man himself, that’s exactly what he wants to do:

“God, I would love to make a superhero movie, it would probably be great fun. I just don’t know when it’s going to happen. I very much enjoy my freedom creatively, but I also would love to make one of those big Hollywood films that costs a lot of money and has a lot of people running around with cell phones and all that insanity.”

“A lot of people running around with cell phones” is a weirdly accurate description of Hollywood blockbusters. So, if one of the big studios did take leave of their senses and gave Winding Refn a chance to make a superhero movie, which character would he like to tackle?

“What ones are left? You know the one I want to do? I want to make Batgirl. Let’s get Warner working on it.”

Hoo boy, Nicolas Winding Refn on Batgirl, traditionally one of the more upbeat DC properties. That would be, uh, something. Then again, Winding Refn’s colorful, bold style would be a good visual match for the Cameron Stewart/Babs Tarr Batgirl run. I’d certainly be curious to see how Batgirl by the man who made Drive would turn out, but I don’t think Warner Bros. would let it happen in a million years. 

What do you think? Is Nicolas Winding Refn directing Batgirl so crazy it just might work? Who do you think should do a Batgirl movie?

(via Business Insider)