Exclusive Preview: 'Suicide Squad #24'

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10.07.13 3 Comments


The heroes are all dead. Belle Reve is in the middle of a massive riot. And there are no bombs in anyone’s necks. So the Suicide Squad is over, right? Not so much, as it turns out.

Matt Kindt’s arc has a lot of promise, not least because nobody writes government intrigue and backstabbing quite like him. Also, he’s well-suited to the book’s gritty tone; the Suicide Squad has never exactly been a knitting circle, of course, but it’s nastier than most superteams.

And, of course, we’re about to meet the Reverse Suicide Squad, who as you might expect are not happy to be in that particular situation. Of course, considering who gets first crack at her if the actual squad wins, Waller might be rooting for that team instead…







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