This Video Game Marriage Proposal Will Make Your Cold, Black Heart Grow Three Sizes

Gaming has become a lot more than just playing games. For many of us, we grew up playing games and a large part of our childhoods involve the cool games that we played, loved, and obsessed over, to the point now where gamer culture (even if problematic at times) is right up there with being a Star Trek nerd (also known as a Trekkie) in the lexicon of acceptable nerdoms. And why not? The game industry grew up alongside a lot of us, and we’ve seen games move from simple 2D platformers to crazy Virtual Reality experiences like we have today.

So when one YouTuber decided that it was time to ask his longtime girlfriend to marry him, he turned to something that they both share a passion for; classic gaming. According to The Daily Dot, YouTuber Joey Hollywood set out on a quest to create an 8-bit platformer a la Mega Man to slide into the couple’s NES, with the custom-made game alone sweeping her off of her feet, only for a special message at the end to really take her breath away.

That’s right, the game ends with a very special marriage proposal, which brings Joey to his knees inside of his bumblebee-colored bowling shirt, ring-in-hand, while his girlfriend levels up to a fiancée before our very eyes. There’s an extended cut of the video with a bit more backstory for those who find themselves weeping into their Dr. Wily tissues, as well.

They even put the game up for sale if you want to share in their joy with them.

(Via The Daily Dot)