The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Cartoon Reveals Gamora’s Past

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Just to review, the cartoon premiering on Disney XD in September and the movie have, according to both Marvel and James Gunn, nothing to do with one another. I’m just reminding you of this because almost everything from the movie is traced over here to make the cartoon.

Gamora is the last origin in this cycle of promotional shorts, and said origins will tie into how this particular band of heroes comes together. Once again, Ronan is seeking power and glory, ostensibly for Thanos, and Gamora is under his thrall. Well, for now:

I’m of two minds about this show from these origin shorts. Some of them have been quite good; some have been a little generic. Marvel’s animation can swing wildly between really good, such as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes before it was decided kids wouldn’t be able to follow a serialized plotline, and mediocre, such as, well, most of Marvel’s other recent animated output. It seems odd that Disney, which arguably does a pretty good job of putting out genuinely appealing shows aimed at all ages, can’t really seem to crack this whole “fun superhero cartoon” thing for too long. But if any team can make it work, it’s the Guardians. We’ll find out September 26.

(Via Marvel’s YouTube channel)

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