NASA Is Shutting Down Climate Change Deniers On Bill Nye’s Facebook Page

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Bill Nye is happy to be at the center of controversy, and, by now, you’d think most people would have learned stepping to Bill over climate change is a bad idea. Seriously, don’t debate him: He will wreck you. And, now that he’s going to debate Sarah Palin in a panel after an anti-climate-change documentary screens in theaters, it appears NASA is backing Bill up.

In one of his Facebook posts, Nye points out that a climate change denier has refused to take a $20,000 bet over whether or not climate change is real. As usual, the trolls show up to insist that despite rapidly melting Arctic ice, the rapid death of the Great Barrier Reef, rapidly rising sea levels, and worst of all, a threat to our global beer supply, that climate change isn’t real because it snowed.

Unfortunately for the deniers, NASA’s climate change department has decided to show up in the comments. Here are just two examples of NASA politely shutting down trolls:

While Nye likely couldn’t care less about what some stranger posting Minions on their Wall every hour thinks of science, we’re sure he appreciates the help. And we can’t fault NASA for attempting to educate their fellow Americans. After all, that’s their mandate, and going one at a time is certainly effective. Although we have to say, it would be a fine use of taxpayer dollars to invent a way to send an electric shock through the fingertips of people typing stupid statements on Facebook. In fact, it might be the best public good.

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