Supergirl’s TV Series Is Officially In The Works, But It Won’t Be Called ‘Supergirl’

09.05.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

DC Comics

On Wednesday, we told you there were rumors of a Supergirl TV series. Turns out, those were just leaks before the official announcement: Supergirl is in the works, and it’s got pretty good odds of getting made.

Why do we say this? According to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s got a major ally in Greg Berlanti, who you might remember helped launch Arrow and has The Flash arriving on screens in October.

Ali Adler, who worked with Berlanti on ABC’s superhero dramedy No Ordinary Family, is expected to pen the script, with Berlanti on board to produce via his WBTV-based Berlanti Productions banner. DC’s Geoff Johns is also expected to have a role in the Supergirl project, which is in the early stages of development and expected to be taken out to networks soon.

It’s worth noting that this series actually has a pretty good shot at going to a network. First of all, the success of the Superfamily on TV dates back to George Reeves being poked with foil knives in the ’50s. Pretty much every time a Superfamily member has hit the small screen, they’ve been an enormous success. Secondly, Arrow is one of the CW’s biggest hits and The Flash is easily their most anticipated new series, so basically if Time Warner wants to make this happen, it’s going to happen.

Oddly, the Hollywood Reporter’s sources told them that the series won’t be named Supergirl. But that’s a small thing, one suspects, and we’ll be curious to see how the series goes.

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